A downloadable game

A short Touhou fangame in the style of LISA.

Gensokyo season 120, one year after the spring gathering incident. The barrier is fading, and the incident resolvers are nowhere to be found. Two fairies decide they've had enough of it, and set off to find the source of the problem.

Demo made for the Cirno game jam. I set my sights too high, and couldn't end up finishing it. I might soon, though. It isn't my best work, but maybe it'll be worth the time. Hey, it's free after all. Thanks for checking it out.


Install instructions

Extract the .zip, and run "Game.exe". There's some text files included in the document, so check them out for more information.


REIMU.zip 142 MB


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This was a lot of fun! It was pretty nostalgic for me, since Lisa was one of my favorite games a while back. I think you captured the atmosphere really well.

thanks for playing! glad i was able to make it lisa-like enough, it's something i was worried about.