A downloadable dream for Windows

Even in dreams, you only see the truth... but is it a truth worth keeping?
Investigate the nature of existence and yourself with your best friend, RENKO, and the HAKUREI shrine maiden.

YUKARI was made by Aeon, with development spanning the entirety of and no further than March, 2021. As you may surmise from that, the game is only a demo.

YUKARI is in a style vaguely resembling OMORI, and is a Touhou fangame. Some (many) liberties and shortcuts were taken. It's slightly scuffed. It is not a mod.

Currently (04/01/2021), you can't download it, just some random things in the bonus zip. Check back in four days.

Edit (04/07/2021): yesterday project file got corrupted LMAO. Don't forget to git, everyone. Check back in three more days.

FIXED THE BUILD 04/11/2021 4:06 PM

v1.1 update on 04/30/2021 2:11 PM

Rated 4.8 out of 5 stars
(5 total ratings)
TagsRPG Maker, Touhou


YUKARI.zip 115 MB

Install instructions

Unzip and run Game.exe.

Oh yeah, and a bunch of people followed me after I made this page even before the game had a download. Don't forget this is a Touhou fangame, if you're confused!

Development log


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Hello, how is the progress on this game going? Found it to be quite interesting, hoping it gets finished someday!

Wow, this was quite the experience, 
I'm really looking forward to see more if the project is still being worked on 
Love the use of EBF music , that was nostalgic

(maybe next march)

whens the next update

I'm SO glad you asked! Our team is working tooth-and-nail to bring you the highest-quality TouHou fan project games we can!
In the time since YUKARI's original releases, we've started another project called "Touhou Lensed Night Sky, Kaseigai". It's a roguelike game that features Reimu, Marisa, Suako, and all your favorite girls!

At the moment, Touhou Lensed Night Sky, Kaseigai is barreling toward its upcoming demo release date of late Feburary, 2022. By no coincidence, this will also be the time for the next update of YUKARI!
I had a talk with the boys at the lab, and they're excited to include YUKARI in the very same demo of Touhou Lensed Night Sky, Kaseigai. With laser precision programming, our head systems manager is going to be including an RPGMaker VX Ace project loader inside GameMaker: Studio 2, complete with overworld, battle, menu, and Ruby scripting support! He will do this.
We're excited to include YUKARI as an unlockable feature in the upcoming demo. Thank you, for following the development of YUKARI.


> He will do this.
Resting Scared Face

I have been thinking of Omori a lot and rememered this game existed, now with my extensive touhou knowledge (aka i know who Maribel is/what the theory is), I wondered how this thing was even doing, it seems a bit dead at the moment, any chance this will be picked up again or it's mostly just something that will remain here until next update will come: one day, probably.

luckily knowing who maribel is should be all you need to play this game, at least as it is right now. the main cast of gensokyo doesn't show up at all, and the youkai enemies are just my interpretation of youkai that you can find just by googling them

and yeah, i've been making some other stuff instead of this.  i'll get back to YUKARI sometime eventuallyyyyyyyy but for now it's staying as it is

It's been 5 months and I just now dived into the actual game using VX Ace. There's so many scripts I need and messages I never even knew existed!

it may have been a mistake to leave crucial development details fully commented in ruby files that can only be opened with the correct version of rpgmaker so im glad somebody found them

scripts are, as mentioned, almost entirely not mine and are free to use so they're all yours

i am receiving scathing remarks on the weekly by my pals that i should probably continue making this game and not just do it in march so look forward to that if you are interested
the fact that you remembered my lil game here for so long after its initial kinda dinky release is awesome thank you

The opacity script was perfect for a visual novel I was making at the time (not anymore, it's mostly busted from my lack of ruby knowledge).

Bread Man's script didn't work with Yanfly's Menu Cursor in my game, any ideas? No rush.

hi i am bread man. it has been a month but if you are still having that problem let me know Anumania#0621


hello. I do still have the problem but your (discord?) username didn't work for me.

I don't need the script much anymore though because I've upgraded to MZ some time ago.

Have a good day/night

i got the order of the numbers wrong its 0261 oops, good luck in your rpg making, but if you do get stuck or want help with scripting, i am familiar with mv which is close enough to mz.

Esta buena la demo, me gusto lo que pude jugar uwu

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ultra epic! i played the demo and enjoyed every second of it!!!!

How's the project goin :>

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Had a massive data loss two days ago, but I've just about finished patching everything back together. (demo) release tomorrow!

The demo looks really nice if I'm honest. If my guess is right, you use RPG Maker Vx (Ace)? If so then I'm kinda blown away! I never got to learn to use VX or VX Ace since I like to use modern versions like MZ or MV.

many thanks
you're right, it's vx ace. not for any particular reason and i probably would have much preferred navigating javascript instead of ruby buttttttt vx ace is the only one i own so it was out of necessity. i didn't write most of the stuff on the code side though, borrowed a not-insignificant amount of scripts from yanfly and various other sources

Many more thanks for the replies.

Can't wait for the full game to release!